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It is a widely held belief in the sports world that the team culture can have a big impact on how a team functions and performs. How team members, think, feel, behave, and perform are all influenced by the environment in which they practice and compete.

Mallory Federoff has been a part of several successful teams both as a player and a coach and has applicable experience navigating through the team building process.  With a M.S. in Sports Studies: Sport Psychology, she is very versed as a Sporty Psychology Consultant and will cater to each individual team’s needs and/or concerns.  Federoff uses fun, interactive exercises and activities to illustrate important team building pillars to help form a championship culture.

Team Building Clinics are designed to help:
•    Enhance communication and trust between players and coaches
•    Increase individual and team confidence
•    Address any ‘red flag’ issues a program might be experiencing
•    Build an effective working relationship between team captains and players
•    Players quantify team goals, plans and rules
•    Optimize team performance



Contact Mallory Federoff at with questions and for more details on how to schedule a Team Building Clinic with your program!

Testimonial from Susquehanna University’s Field Hockey Program:

"The Susquehanna University FH team was thrilled to have Mallory Federoff take us through an afternoon of team building recently. Mal was energetic and engaged our student athletes in meaningful activities that directly correlated with our on the field play. She led our team through several small games and activities that required them to think on their feet and collaborate for solutions. She was able to balance the day with activities that involved the entire team, as well as working in smaller groups. She had so many great ideas and was so relatable to our team. They hung on her every word and were eager to engage her in questions. Overall, it was a really fantastic day and it certainly helped solidify our team culture, bind and chemistry. Mal is a great role model for our athletes and she was a welcome addition to our preseason training schedule. 
- Allison Fordyce, Susquehanna University's Head Field Hockey Coach (Selinsgrove, PA)


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