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Refunds will only be made if the clinic/camp/showcase is cancelled or for medical reasons. Medical refund requests must be accompanied by a letter from a physician detailing the medical reason(s) why the athlete cannot participate in the clinic/camp/showcase.  There will be no refunds for injuries and/or illnesses that occur during a clinic/camp/showcase. If an athlete is dismissed or voluntarily withdraws from a clinic/camp/showcase, there will be no refunds.

Approved refunds will be administered via check and mailed to an agreed address.


If an event occurs where you cannot come to a clinic/camp/showcase and you have already registered, we encourage you to try and find another athlete to take your spot and have that athlete reimburse you directly for any amounts you have expended on the clinic/camp/showcase. Please notify us via email immediately if you accomplish this so that we can get the new athlete to execute the required waiver(s) and the clinic/camp/showcase registration form.


Upswing Clinics is not connected with any school district and we do not automatically cancel scheduled sessions to mirror surrounding schools' cancelations and/or early dismissals. 


Field space for training sessions is contracted at each independent facility.  Unfortunately, if the host facility is open and operating, we are obligated to fulfill our rented time slot.

No refunds will be given if a session is cancelled and/or you cannot make a session due to inclement weather.  We will do our best to work with each facility and try reschedule sessions if applicable, but there is NO guarantee that make-up dates will be offered.


Upswing Clinics strongly encourages each family to use their best judgment while traveling and we are not responsible for any weather related accidents and/or incidents. 

We will notify each participate of any cancelations via email as soon as possible.  Please check the contact email you provided leading up to each session if inclement weather is in the forecast.

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